Puppy Problems

My puppies are my babies. They are the most spoiled rotten things you will ever meet and I love them more than anything. This is why when I came home from church yesterday expecting to be greeted by this little face...........

And found this one instead

I was more than a little concerned. My poor little baby looked like he had gone 10 rounds. After noticing the irony of my boxer puppy looking like he had just gotten out of the ring I called the vet.

As per the doctors orders I gave him a little Benadryl and some baby Tylenol and things started to get better. The swelling was going down and he seemed to be acting ok.

Enter next super stress. After two hours the swelling came back! I couldn't give him more drugs so I gave him a bath hoping that I could wash off whatever was causing this problem. After both Roman and Pike got baths things started to look up again. I stopped worrying and just let them play in the house for the rest of the day.

Again I though we were in the clear so didn't think anything of putting them out to go potty before bed. Bad plan. Pups were out for 5 minutes and when Roman came back in the other eye was starting to swell and he had HIVES!

We guessed that they had played in the old carpet pad we had just pulled out of the house and that is sitting on the trailer in the backyard waiting to go to the dump and that Roman was having an allergic reaction to something in or on it so they spent the day in the front yard today (they are primarily inside dogs but we are doing some crazy remodeling in the house and didn't want to be tripping on them) But I can't win I swear! Roman walked in this evening covered again in HIVES. He has been bathed twice in the last 24 hours, he has gotten Benadryl every 8 hours like the Dr said and he has on a different collar just in case the other one had something on it. I don't know what he is allergic to and I am freaking out!

Vet in the morning.

I HATE that I can't help my baby.