I love it when a plan comes together!

Today Josh went to buy new blinds. Apparently our windows are weird and he was gonna need me to be there to pick them out(I was babysitting for a friend) so he came home with no blinds.

Two hours later we went back to Lowes and Home Depot thinking we were gonna have to settle for vertical blinds for my giant living room window because the horizontal wood slat blinds I wanted were gonna stick out too far.
But wait, I found some that were only 1 inch wide instead of the standard 2 inch! 

Oh, those only come in white, I wanted brown. Dang!
Oh you can special order them in lots of colors?! Hooray!
Special order blinds will cost $250 for the one window!!??!! Dag nabit!

Maybe Home Depot will have something else.....

Less colors? More expensive? I think I'll pass on the blinds idea thanks.

Lets go to the pet store. The dogs need new collars, they look like hobos.

Yes, that is the collar we are looking for, oh you are out of stock.  Figures.

We got home very frustrated, took a little nap, and regrouped.    We decided to broaden our horizons, we were making things too hard. We can deal with the blinds sticking out a little bit, and Josh is brilliant so he figured out a way he could make them pretty.  We grabbed the dogs, measured the windows ONE MORE TIME and headed back out.

And came home with these!

Gorgeous, perfect new blinds!
They are actually the exact same color at the wall directly across the room. I couldn't have made them match my room more perfectly-and they were the in stock, generic dark color model. (we got white ones for the two windows in the kitchen too but they aren't up yet)

Then we headed back to the pet store for those new dog collars.

I can not even get over how handsome my boys are! Pike has always had red collars, his first nice leather collar was kind of a deep maroon with studs and we loved that on him but this looks so good! And this is Romans first "grown up" fancy leather collar, I have always had him in black and gray collars so the green is a HUGE change. The funny part about it is that if you swap the colors on the dogs, they look terrible! Roman is just enough darker than Pike that this green looks awesome and the blue looks weird and the reverse is true for Pike, the green is totally lost on him! Yes I am a crazy lady but my boys look GOOD.

So the lesson for today: Stop trying to be so in control that you aren't open to new ideas and other options. Take some time to just let things be and be open to them and things may turn out better than you imagined.

AND since I am sure you are all dying to see her.....

Zoey Cecelia
Cutest ever right? YES!
She has red red hair and I get to meet her tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

what a great reminder. it is so hard for me not to want to control every little detail of my life. we are having blind issues as well :) oh the joys of owning a home! hope all is well morgan!