So sorry to those who have seen or facebook or heard about Pike but he has taken so much of our time that we haven't had a chance to tell you all about him.

So just over a week ago, while Morgan was in Boise watching her dad graduate from POST Josh was up to something. Friday morning he skipped class and went to Downey to look at a puppy to help Morgan feel safer and calmer while he was out at work untill late at night. Pike as we have come to call him was the last one of the litter to go and with a great price and papers we could not pass him up.

Pike was born on Dec. 8 2008. His father was a large (REALLY FRIGGIN BIG) fawn boxer like he is and his mothe was a dark brindle boxer. Both were great dogs. Pike was just shy of 10 pounds when we picked him up from the breeder and has in the last week put on another 5 pounds which makes him roughly 5 times bigger than the only other dog in the family, Stanley who is Josh's older sister's 3 pound chihuahua. (They haven't met.) So far he is healthy and loving life in his new home. We have taken him to see Josh's family in Idaho Falls and as long as we can keep him out of their cat's or Stanley's food he is a good dog there too. He is almost fully house trained and his only problems are when we leave him for extended periods of time so it probably is simply down to him just not being able to hold it any more.

Pike found out what a cat was for the first time Saturday evening when he met Spaz, Josh's parents' cat. Josh was watching Pike getting closer and closer to the cat sniffing out the situation all the time looking back at Josh periodically with a look that seemed to say what the crap happened to that dog? ITS UGLY! Josh warned Pike to keep his distance which he did while Josh was watching. A few minutes later while no one was watching we all heard a whap followed by Pike's claws trying to gain traction on the tile while he ran away whimpering. Needless to say the cat stood its ground.

Pike's favorite trick is to get us stuck anywhere we take him. Everyone who sees him thinks he is the cutest thing and HAS to pet him for a minute. PETCO and PETSMART trips are planned out in our day to take atleast a while if he is with us.

Pike is in our opinion a great dog and will be great for us. He is smart and looks great.


The Bringhursts said...

He is really cute. Congrats on the new addition :)

The Ross Family said...

Supa Cute Puppy!!!

Dorese said...

He's absolutely adorable! Congratulations on breaking into the world of pet ownership!