Finally Here -Josh-

So this morning I took Morgan to class then went home to get myself ready for the day. I got everything done and was going to head out myself. I made a few futile steps to the mailbox just hoping to have something there but I second guessed myself and turned around. Then third guessing myself I headed back toward the mailbox hoping for something to show. After turning away again I decided that the check would at least settle my nerves and went to look. As i looked over the fence to find no new footprints in the snow outside I still looked and found that little letter I have been waiting for for some time now.

Needless to say the anticipation was killing me to the point where I had to have Morgan open it when I dropped her car off at work. Turns out I did pretty well considering it was my first attempt at any written civil service exam. I got 84 of 90 right which landed me at 23 in line for an interview. With 10-12 retirees coming up from the FD here I still feel I am in the running for a chance. On top of that I still have to get my EMT-B which will land me higher when I turn it in for 5 more test points which will bring me up to a 89 of 90 or 98.8888888888(you get the idea) percent. I hope that in six months when that goes through I will be able to be one of the next in line for an interview. Here's to hoping enough others suck it up in their interviews.