The First Big Test

Well one thing is for sure for those who wanted pictures this one will probably make you stop asking. Those are canker sores in Josh's mouth. Turns out when he gets stressed they begin to apear randomly throughout his mouth. With the aproach of the first test for Pocatello Fire he got stressed out to the point that it caused all sorts of problems including the canker sores. You can see three easily there is a fourth there and one more on the upper lip you cannot see. He took the test Friday morning and got done before anyone else. He went to review and about 10 questions into his review the woman directing the class told us we had just passed the one hour mark of a two hour time limit. He finished the review and feels he did exceptionaly well and with the addition of 5 extra points for the EMT-B certification that will come this spring he is confident in getting called back for a follow up test and interviews and the like. Here's to hoping he gets one of the positions, and soon! It will help with his big red truck withdrawls. Everytime he hears a siren his head pokes up like a prarie dog and he gets kinda whiney. Anyway untill then he will just have to suck it up.