The New Place

Well Everything has gone well with the move. We were able to move to a small house A LOT closer to campus (about a block and a half away) that has a full basement for Josh's bikes and other storage as well as a garage for the motorcycle and Morgan's new car. We got her a Sunfire that will work greatly for us while it is just the two of us. Everything is going great and as soon as we get all of the burned out light bulbs replaced we will have light. It seems Josh finds another bulb out almost daily which excites him because he realizes another switch actually works. We do not have our own internet and we are skiving one of our neighbors. We just hope it stays on long enough for us to get this written and published. The house is Yellow and though it is old it is nice. There is a small bedroom for us and an even smaller 1/2 bedroom that we use for a study and maybe at some point in the distant future a nursery. Don't get your hopes up Mothers we don't have anything planned nor are going to plan anything. You can thank google and the idiots who do the street view. They did a good job of driving up and down the alleys and actually got a picture of our house. But if you move to far it takes you out front and you can't see the house.


Jay and Camille said...

Dear Friends,
We like pictures. Post some please.