An inconvenient week.

To begin with this week could be erased from our lives and I think neither of us would be upset. With Christmas coming this next week we have been a bit frazzled. Whoever thought of putting finals week right before the week of Christmas needs to be strung up by the toenails and shot with a nail gun at ten yards, I say ten because that would only leave welts on the perpetrators body. But beyond that both of us have had one of those weeks where we are waiting for another week.
Morgan's family much like Josh's has its functioning problems and this week things were much of the same. Morgan was ready to 'divorce' her family much like Josh does weekly, if not daily, due to the stress they have placed her under.
Josh's week sucked too. His Tuesday route's salesman forgot to clear the week before's order which sent out twice as much product as required. Josh got stuck all day Tuesday re figuring the orders of everyone of his stops. Then on Thursday he got held up over and over by stores only to have his boss send him into downtown Boise at noon after a single box of toffee from a place he had never been, with bad directions.
To top it all off Thursday evening our landlord came to us to update us on their move. For the past few weeks everything looked like they would be in California and away from us without a hitch. Then they came to us and told us that the company who he was going to work for was unwilling to purchase their house if there were renters. So now we are off to find a new apartment. If anyone is moving or knows someone who is let us know please. We hate apartment hunting.
At least on a positive note the plumber finally came after 8 months of pestering our landlord to fix the drain on the bathtub. Hooray for showers that don't come with ankle deep water.