My Birthday-Josh-

So the 25 of November is my birthday and I got stuck working. I asked for the week off two months ago and didn't get an answer. My boss came to me at the beginning of the month and asked what my plans for this week were and then proceeded to tell me I could not have the time off. Due to this we planned my birthday for Saturday night and had friends over for cake and games. We wound up talking all night as is typical for me so if you want to bring games over to play with us you have to get right into it. Morgan made me this amazing cake for me. It was layered with both chocolate cake and peppermint ice-cream. She got the idea from a brochure we picked up at Coldstone. The outside was layered with Ganache which is a fudge. Well she began to put it on the cake but it would not set because it was too warm. I decided to be the smart ingenuitive person I am and thought it would work to spray my Computer's air duster can upside-down to freeze the ganache in place. I tested it in one place and it didn't really work so we wound up freezing everything to help it set up. We pulled out the cake every once in a while to put more on and during one of these times I tasted the ganache and it tasted horrible. It wasn't until later when Morgan looked at the can and saw a word she didn't really recognize. She asked me what bittergent was and it was at that point that I realized what I had done. So far the only one who has gotten a nasty piece of cake was me so I guess it serves me right. If anyone reads this and got a piece of really awful piece of cake you can blame me. I apologize. Morgan reminds me to tell you it is completely harmless other than the taste.


The Ross Family said...

Hey I found your blog :) I'm sorry we couldn't make it for Josh's Birthday cake. We'll have to hang out soon.

Jay and Camille said...

I miss yummy cakes by Morgan