Just about the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. -Josh-

So today I was at the laundromat and while I was waiting I decided to walk over to WinCo to get a snack. I was on my way over (on foot) when I started to hear a whiney whirry noise. As I got closer to WinCo the sound got louder and louder. At first I thougth it was just some sort of saw or power-sweeper or something mechanical making the noise. As I got closer and closer to the sound I started to realize it was a car horn blaring. I was begining to worry that someone was in trouble and began to quicken my pace a little. All the while on my way I was thinking someone was passed out or had a heart attack or some other serious problem that would leave them slumped forward leaning on the horn. As I got closer I decided to figure out just what it was and offer help if needed. As I followed the sound I found an older honda accord with a dog inside barking at everyone passing by. The funny part is that the dog was perched with his hind legs on the driver's seat and front paws planted squarely on the horn. Needless to say I was left laughing hard at this one.