Pocatello Mountain Biking -Josh-

Pocatello, though it has some downfalls has a few great things that cause me to be absolutely infatuated with the area. The biggest is probably the large network of mountain bike trails all within 20 miles or less of where Morgan and I live. I thought it was an OK idea to post some way fun pictures of a friend of mine, Nathan Coffin, and I racing through a puddle as well as some riding through some beautifull fall leaves. The puddle that we found was a ton of fun, as one of us rode through the other would take the picture and then pull away as fast as we could to keep the camera dry before the wave of water drenched us even more. When I got home I took off my shoes as I was getting ready for a shower. Morgan took one look at my socks and told me to throw them away. I didn't think that just because they were pretty much dyed brown that they had to be trashed but Morgan thought otherwise.